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We are now into our third month of 2020. Some of you may of had goals for this year, some of you may not have. I know I did. I always said to my family, friends, and boyfriend, that 2020 was going to be a great year, perhaps my year for change. I wanted to do better for myself, but was always just stuck in my own ways, because that is my comfort zone, always like I’m hiding in a little shell all the time. I wanted 2020 to be different. So far, I have quit smoking, ✔ started exercising regularly✔ having better eating habits ✔and interacting with people more ✔. I wanted change badly! So far in 2020, I’ve accomplished a few things. Not only were these my goals, but I also have financial goals as well that I’m in the process of changing. I’m Striving for more in my life. I’m so glad I have finally started working online! Since I have started this journey, I have talked to so many people, that are just like me, or are facing the same obstacles in their lives. It just takes that one leap, to just say yes, I’m going to do this, and just do it, without looking back or second guessing yourself. I just did it. what did I have to lose? Nothing. I’d be at the same place I started anyway, if it didnt work out. You only fail when you say no to better things that come your way. Push yourself, dont say no, and start living a better life FOR YOU. I’m having so much fun on this journey. I honestly can’t wait to see how much things change for me by this exact time next year of 2021, emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially!!!!!! Create goals, and let’s finish 2020 off big, maybe even together 🙂 Why don’t you come join me on my journey! 🙋‍♀️😍🙏

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